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Code of Conduct / Business Ethics

Code of Conduct

Responsibility towards customers, distributors and suppliers

To gain and maintain business through cost efficiency, continuous development and research, and to be able to provide products, services and solutions that deliver customer value in terms of performance, quality, safety and environmental care. To do this while always applying the highest standards of ethics.

Responsibility towards employees

To respect employees and their rights, value their contributions, to offer safe and non-discriminatory working conditions, to promote employee wellbeing, and facilitate continual competence and skill development which enables individual satisfaction and career development.

Responsibility towards society

To manage the business as a responsible member of our society, showing respect for laws, customs and needs of the different countries where we are present, as well as respecting internationally proclaimed human rights and the need to sustain the natural environment.

Responsibility towards shareholders

To protect the shareholders’ investments and strive for a sustainable and improving return.

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