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Health & Safety

Lincoln Lubrication South Africa’s┬áCommitment to Health and Safety

Lincoln Lubrication SA installs, maintains and repairs Lubrication systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We recognize that our activities and transportation activities could have a negative impact on the natural and work environment.

Management is therefore committed to the responsible management of the Safety, Health and Environmental aspects associated with these activities, products and services. We, therefore, commit ourselves to:

  • Regularly updating the identification of all new requirements be they legal or otherwise pertaining to our activities and strive to ensure that the requirements with all applicable legislation are complied with.
  • Lincoln Lubrication SA strives to take all reasonable practical measures to ensure the Safety & Health of its employees.
  • The setting of objectives and targets in order to comply with relevant legislation and other requirements
  • Identify potential harmful aspects and impacts associated with our operations and strive to eliminate them.
  • Management & all employees will identify & assess potential Safety hazards in existing & new processes & or procedures, with a view to the elimination or reduction of such hazards as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Set up a framework for identifying, implementing and monitoring objectives and targets with the focus on efficient resource management.
  • Provide environmental health & safety awareness training to all employees.
  • Each employee/contractor must assume responsibility for working in a manner in which they have regard not only to the importance of their own health & safety, but also that of their fellow employees and contractor.
  • Promote a work environment that will allow for continual improvement of our environmental health & safety management system.

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