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Mission Statement, Vision, Values



To be the preferred supplier of choice and a leader in providing innovative design, installation and maintenance of lubrication equipment and systems, fast fill systems and quality asset protection systems.


Committed to providing high value return to our customers in upholding our core values and best industry practices, whilst providing innovative and sustainable technical solutions.

Our Values


Leadership Commitment


Employee Behaviour





We aspire to design and develop quality industry asset management/protection systems and create a culture of innovative lifestyle and innovative thinking.


To create a conducive working environment for innovative thinking and to provide related resources for innovation.


Shall endeavour to be innovative in our work and produce new productive methods of carrying out work and suggest ideas for improving the effectiveness of our products.





In conduct of our business, we shall respect ourselves and have respect for our clients, staff, learners and the community we operate in.


To create a culture of respect among employees and be exemplary.

To respect our communities and the environment we operate in.


We shall respect and obey company rules and related applicable laws of the country.

We shall respect one another in our work responsibilities and in our day to day conduct.





Our business conduct, our designs, daily work and our staff conduct shall be carried out in a manner that shows professional excellence and exceed the client’s expectation.


Create an enabling environment to conduct business professionally. Create an enabling environment to excel at work and in the conduct of business.


We shall conduct our work professionally and deal with our clients in a professional manner.

We shall endeavour to excel in our normal course of our work.





We commit to recognise and reward our business performance and the performance of our staff.


To reward innovative and excellent work. To reward best performance. To reward achievers


We shall excel and be innovative in our work.

We shall perform our work to the best of our ability.

We shall endeavour to further develop our skills and knowledge.





On the daily conduct of our business, we shall be honest to ourselves, staff, clients and learners. We reject any form of dishonesty.


Lead by example in conducting business honestly.

Create a culture of honest dealings in our business.


We shall be honest in our work and in our dealings with customers.





We commit to a sound and above board relationship with our customers and to continually exceed their expectations.


Shall create an environment to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.


Shall meet the requirements of our clients accurately, on time, professionally and exceed their expectations.





We commit to fully comply with Safety, Health, Environment and Quality requirements and to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.


Shall create a safe working environment for our employees.

Shall create a culture of being mindful of the environment and to care for it.

Shall promote and implement quality objectives.


We shall endeavour to work safely at all times.

Respect the safety regulations, policies and laws.

Shall care for the environment.

Shall commit and adhere to quality principles.




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