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Client Needs Analysis – Lubrication Management

The first step to achieve lubrication excellence.

  •  What is the level of maturity of our actual lubrication programme?
  • What are our major strengths and improvement opportunities?
  • How should we better align our plant with industry benchmarks?


Good questions. However, finding the right answers and implementing strategies to address these issues can be daunting. With daily operational challenges and time constraints, identifying improvement opportunities and achieving them may seem impossible, but SKF/Lincoln can help. Drawing on years of SKF productivity experience, we can help you identify improvement opportunities that will yield positive bottom-line results, then suggest a strategy for implementing a programme to achieve them.

A lubrication management programme can be defined as the sum of all the activities performed in a given facility to ensure the right lubricant is provided in the right quantity to the right point at the right time with the right method.

The SKF Lubrication Management programme defines a structured process to help our customers build a strong lubrication programme targeting key areas for improvement:

By obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your plant’s unique requirements, an  Client Needs Analysis allows us to identify improvements that can help you achieve optimum results.

These improvements are typically found in areas like:

  •  Lubrication strategy
  • Process and practices
  • Documentation
  • Skills and skills management
  • Lubricant assortment and supplies
  • Storage and handling
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Data management and reporting
  • Tools
  • Oil analysis programme
  • Contamination control
  • Waste handling
  • Environmental, healh & safety (EHS)
  • Metrics


Knowledge, the key to a successful reliability programme

Once the analysis is complete and improvement opportunities have been identified, our team will discuss with you the required next steps in the building of a world-class lubrication programme. Typically, this will involve a combination of internal activities, products, or services you may already be using, along with one or Several SKF / Lincoln solutions.

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