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Project Management staff at SKF are responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation and execution of specific projects, ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals. Each project tender won by us will be serviced with the following strategic teams to ensure the objectives of the project is met.

Technical Manager

Has the over-arching responsibility and authority on all aspects of all projects

Will be responsible for the quality control review

Technical Specialist / Project Manager

Is responsible for the planning, coordination and controlling of each project from inception to completion, meeting the projects requirements and ensuring that each project is completed on time, within budget and to required quality standard, he/she may review the plans for general quality, appearance, accuracy and completeness.

Must ensure that all project phase reviews have occurred and have been completed, that all comments have been satisfactorily addressed. Is responsible for projects adherence to the quality control plan

Technical Service Manager

Is responsible for ensuring that Lubrication Technicians are available and ready to start with the Lubrication installations on projects as per the project deliverables

Quality Assurance Manager

Shall be responsible for the assurance of quality on the work done.

Shall complete necessary audits and shall provide such reports and any non-conforming issues to the Technical Specialist and the Technical Manager and shall also be part of the quality control review.

Shall conduct risk assessments and provide due reports to the Technical Manager for the Quality Control Review

Contract Manager

Is responsible for the overall operational requirements of the project from inception to completion.

Is responsible for the management of personnel on site including the Lubrication Technicians and other employees

Must on given interval provide feedback to the Technical specialist.

Must remedy any shortcoming identified on any review within the given time frame.

Health and Safety Manager

Is responsible for ensuring that all health and safety legal requirements are met for each project and to ensure that the Lubrication Technicians conform to the requirements of the construction site.

Technical Administrator/ Designer

Is responsible for drawings and ensuring that they are drawn in accordance to the CAD/ Drafting standards

Lubrication Technicians

Is responsible for the installation of the lubrication system on time and correctly according to the drawings supplied


Responsible for assisting Lubrication Technicians with their work and to learn

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