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Whilst the installation, maintenance and repair of lubrication systems is undertaken by technicians who are qualified in terms of experience and in other fields, there hasn’t previously been a registered trade qualification specifically for our industry

Lincoln Lubrication South Africa ( LSA) initiated the process to register and develop a trade qualification in 2011, and to date the following has been achieved:-

LSA has been accredited by MerSETA as a training Provider and training courses have been developed.

First and only training & trade test center in the world to offer “Lubrication Mechanician”  trade

The formal occupation of Lubrication Equipment Mechanic has been listed on the OFO listing under code 653310

MerSETA appointed as a Qualification Development Partner by the QCTO for and on behalf of the Lubrication Industry

Utilising our excellent training facilities has the following advantages:

  • Properly trained personnel working on site
  • Maintenance to the lubrication systems can be done by your own technicians
  • Small problems are repaired quickly by your own personnel
  • Less downtime due to longer component life
  • Personnel can describe serious faults in detail to our workshop staff enabling quicker repairs to problems
  • A large portion of the training cost can be claimed from the Skills Development Fund

Training flyers

Lincoln Training Course – Spray Systems

Lincoln Training Course – Single Line Systems Centro-Matic

Lincoln Training Course – Progressive Systems

Lincoln Training Course – Progressive System Design

Lincoln Training Course – Multiline Systems

Lincoln Training Course – Lincoln Drum Pumps

Lincoln Training Course – General Tribology – Basic Lubrication Technology

Lincoln Training Course – Dual Line Systems Two Line

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