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Lubrication Breakthrough In 1916, a young man named Arthur Gullborg was tasked with the duty of lubricating the die-casting machines at the Alemite Die Casting and Manufacturing plant where his father was part owner. At the time, the only way to service the machines was to add oil into their refilling cups several times a day. This equipment was located in hot, dirty and unsafe conditions. At the end of his shift, Arthur was exhausted and covered in oil and grime. He knew there had to be a better way. In order to improve on the messy cup design, Arthur began inventing different methods to lubricate the machines. It was through this effort that the idea of a better alternative was first conceived, utilizing a fitting (connector), hose (duct) and applicator (pump).

After World War II, Alemite quickly recognized the potential for growth in the service industry. The demand for clean and efficient shops meant modernizing outdated service bays. Offering everything needed to fill that demand in a new ultra-modern layout, Alemite could fit a shop with a “back room” where the drums and pumps could be kept out of sight. Front cabinets and shielded reels provided a polished and clean service area. A 27-month warranty (the forerunner to modern warranties) was offered on all new “Atomic” pumps introduced by Alemite during this period

As Alemite looks forward, its commitment to providing quality products across the globe endures. From custom-designed solutions to routine lubrication tools, Alemite engineers develop, design and manufacture products based on “voice-of-the-customer” input. Many manufacturers have come and gone during the last 100 years, but Alemite remains the trusted brand used by lubrication professionals worldwide. Committed to its customers and promising to provide lubrication solutions that meet the demands of the modern world, Alemite continues to stand strong as a partner and leader in the lubrication industry

Alemite manufacture a large range of garage service equipment for many different industries.

  • Grease guns
  • Pumps
  • Reels
  • Control valves and meters
  • Bulk fluid packages
  • Industrial lubrication fittings
  • Aerospace fittings
  • Fluid management systems
  • Fluid handling equipment
  • Diesel fluid and diesel exhaust fluid
  • Compressed air components
  • Single point lubricators
  • Lubrication accessories
  • Oil mist systems


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